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Partnerships  Building strong business relationships

Successful companies are built on return business.
Established in 2006, EES is a relatively young company and understands that every client it serves is its advert for the future.
Do we want your advert to be a good one?
No. We want it to be an excellent one.
We believe that by ensuring you get our best performance you will retain our services and refer us to your other partners.
The best reference we can get will come from you.
                                                    We want your best reference.
We want to work with you, to understand how your company operates.
                                         We don’t want to be talking nuts when you are talking bolts.
Somebody once said that the difference between knowledge and wisdom is this...................
‘Knowledge is the understanding that a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is the understanding that you don't put tomatoes' in fruit salads.’

EES has wisdom and can apply it to your needs.
We want to grow with you and maintain contact and service at a level to meet your needs.
As partners in your success we hope to promote your business as we seek new opportunities.
We are not arrogant in our knowledge of your business, but we are confident that there are areas we can assist in.
As we meet respective businesses, we will promote your areas of excellence.
We do not see the failures of our financial institutions as a reason to quit.
We see this as a reason to broaden our horizons and see how we can help each other to eliminate further risks to our business and partners.

We are a Cumbria based company and  intend to stay one so we will be here when you need us.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Services

Procedures & Instructions
Contractor Competency & Passport Schemes
(Can be personalised /company and skill specific)
Contractor Evaluation & Contract Tender Support
Site Competent Person
Risk Assessments
COSHH Assessments
Display Screen Assessments
Young Persons Assessments
Safety Committees
Permit to Work Systems
Ergonomic and Noise Solutions




Environmental Services
Energy Conservation Schemes
Environmental Audits
Waste & Re
cycle Initiatives

Transport Initiatives

Safety Case

Safety Case Services

Produce Safety Case Documentation


Configuration Management

Configuration Management Services

Produce the Configuration Management Plan

Create/recreate the Configuration Baseline



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